24 December 2017

Where have I been?

So00...Where have I been?

I made this blog in around 2013/2014 (I think) during year 7 when me and my 2 other friends thought having a joint blog would be the coolest idea in the world. It then turned out we couldn't keep up with the mammoth task of organising who could write what post and when (sharing a blog between 3 people is hard work!). Then I started to post solo and had a lot of fun with blogging. Today I have had a very strange and spontaneous urge to write and I thought to myself what better place than my old blog, right? Much to my surprise when I logged back on, my last post was on the 4th April 2016... That's 629 days ago!

One of the main reasons why I have decided to return to the blogging scene is mainly to vent and express all the jumbled up thoughts and feelings that usually get bottled up in my mind. A lot of the time I write random notes on my phone and never have the time to turn those thoughts into proper pieces of writing. Often, I see a random Instagram post of a deep quote and it has me contemplating for hours and this blog will be the perfect opportunity to just login and document those thoughts.  Brace yourselves for a whole lot of reflection and probably a load of rubbish lol.

Reyna xox

4 April 2016

March Favourites ♡

Hello everybody!
Today I have got a very brief March Favourites for you because I haven't been very adventurous with new makeup or beauty products this month so I am going to include some music and life favourites for a bit of variety. Hope you enjoy, leave a comment saying what you have been loving this month :)

This month my skin has gotten extremely spotty around my forehead area due to excessive chocolate eating during Easter! Woops! The product that helped my spots is this "Biore Charcol Pore Minimiser". If it hadn't been for this and drinking loads of water, my skin would be an absolute mess. It acts as a scrub and I would reccommend using it 2-3 times a week to get the best results. 

Biore Charcol Pore Minimiser: £7.99

As previosuly mentioned in my last post, I bought the Miss Sporty Stay 10 hour liquid concealer and it has been my most frequently used product this month. I definitely have to be repurchasing soon as it is so inexpensive and very small which is great to just throw into your handbag or makeup bag.This concealer is a great two-in-one conealer because it is great for concealing undereye dark circles but also it has enough coverage for covering up any spots or blemishes. Although I never wear my makeup for 10 hours, it claims it lasts 1 hours which is a bonus!

Miss Sporty Perfect Stay 10 hour Liquid Concealer: £2.99

Next, I want to talk about this stunning "Blush Sculpt" from Loreal Paris which is a Trio Contouring Blush. When I saw this on the shelf, I was very intriguied by the concept of a bronzer, blush and highlight all in one. When I use this on my cheeks, it gives a lovely flush of colour and a slight illuminating effect from the highlighter. There are 3 shades to choose from, depending on your skin colour but I picked up the middle shade which is Nude Beige 102.
Loreal Paris Blush Sculpt Nude-Beige 102: £7.99
I found it strange that in a world of technology, nobody hardly prints out pictures anymore. Despite having 600+ pictures stored on my iPhone, I have no physical copy of them unless anything happends to it. So I have decided to start a Scrapbook and mine is from WHSmith in this lovely bright zig-zag print. After researching and pinning lots of inspiration on Pinterest, I have now purchased some Washi Tape and Stickers to decorate with. I am so excited to start this project and I really reccommend doing this if you like being creative. 

Scrapbook, WHSmith: £9.99

Throughout March, I have had Zayn's new album "Mind of Mine" on REPEAT constantly. I just love the vibes on this ablbum, a mix of R&B and pop influences to create really beautiful songs and Zayn's voice is really dominant on each track. This album really shows how he has matured and left One Direction behind. Sad times for directioners. He even has a beautiful song sung fully in Urdu (his father's native language) which is just breathtaking.

My favourite songs on the album are: Like I Would // sHE // wRoNg

That is all for my March Favourites, thanks for reading :) See you soon with a new delicious baking recipe!