19 May 2014

5 Cute Summer Essentials!

Summer is finally here!!! Beautiful weather has finally come to the UK and we are mighty grateful for it! So make the most of your summer and pay attention to these 5 fashion rules that are trending right now.

   1.The vintage kimono

So if you're sick of your spring coat, make a refreshing change to a kimono which is super cute with a pair of denim shorts and a t shirt.

2. Quirky sunglasses

Cute frames that make your outfit in style and protect you from the sun! What more do you want?

3.Floral Print
Cute, girly and summery = the perfect combo
(As you can tell we are quite obsessed with floral)

4. Lace
Lace is a very beautiful and elegant print and paired with the right heels can look even more stunning

5.Crop tops and skater skirts
Crop tops are the trend that just won’t go away. If you’re afraid of showing off, then partner the crop top with a high-waisted skater skirt to minimize the amount of tummy on show.