11 March 2016

Huge Drugstore Haul ♡

Hello everybody once again :) It is now March and for the past month I have been hoarding little bits and pieces after going to Boots and Superdrug several times in February. Everytime I go in and say to myself "You need to save money Reyna, you don't need any more makeup", I always end up getting a few new bits to add to my collection. But I'm not complaining as I love playing around with new bits and pieces of makeup.

Firstly, I brought 2 new makeup brushes, the Real Techniques Blush Brush (£10) and the Seventeen Powder and Blush Brush (£2.99). I have always wanted to try a Real Techniques brush as everybody on youtube always raves about the quality of them and when it was the Half Term holiday, I was enticed into buying it after realising it was only £10. Also, the Seventeen brush is very inexpensive because the brush itself is not too bad.

I purchased the "L'oreal Infalliable Powder" in the shade 225 Beige which comes in a really travel friendly compact with a mirror and a small sponge. Personally, I never use the sponges in them because they always cake way too much product on but if you are on the go they are useful. I have used it several times to set my concealer and powder any oily areas and it does an amazing job at keeping my face matte throughout the school day. Yay for no oily T-Zone!

Another Seventeen product I picked up was the "Seventeen Instant Glow", a beautiful everyday bronzer to create a soft natural contour. For a makeup newbie such as myself, I think that it is perfect fot any starter makeup kit and is extremely afforable at £4.79. They also do lovely Bronzing Shimmer Bricks which next time I might pick up!

Starting us off in the "Lip Products" Category is the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in the shade "Lunch Date". It applies really smoothly and its longlasting. The shade i purchased is a lovely nude shade (as the post goes on you'll notice a theme) and I got it at Superdrug. I love Tanya and now I have finally got my hands on one of her products I'm really happy.

Next, I purchased another Soap and Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in "Nudist" because my previous one has now finished and I love everything about it so I had to repurchase. Also, at £3.50 you can't really go wrong can you? :)

I love Maybelline's Baby Lips and I got the shade "Cherry Me", red in colour but gives off a subtle hint of a pinky red when applied. Adorable packaging and very moisturising!

After watching a few of Lucy & Lydia's videos on Youtube (great girls and great channel!) , they seem to always be talking about the Miss Sporty "Perfect Stay 10 hour Concealer" which sounded very appealing to me because who doesn't love a concealer that stays on your fact for up to 10 hrs? I have not used it so far but who knows, maybe it will be in my March favourites if I like it.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, is wait *drum roll*, a Victoria Secret Body Mist in the scent "Amber Romance". Can I just start by saying it smells freaking sensational. I have never smelled anything so good and all the scents in the Body Mist range smell as equally as amazing but I think this one in the Orange Bottle is my favourite. Just like the TB lip gloss, I bought the mist at Superdrug as me and my friend was cuing up to pay, we saw them in the corner of my eye and immediately we squeeled with excitement and ran over to them. In fact we were so excited that we had to take a tumblr shot of them in the middle of River Island aha. *Insert Photo Here*

Obviously I had to test out all the scents and we were probably the nicest smelling people in that shop after haha. Although it is £10 per bottle, they do actually last a while and they smell increds. 

 I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this post. 
Please comment, all are much appreciated :)
See you next time!


6 March 2016

New post coming soon!

Keep your eyes peeled everyone! I have a very lengthy drugstore haul post coming up this week with some new&exciting beauty producs in it :) In the meantime, feel free to read and comment on some of my previous posts. See you guys and have a great week! ♡


Reyna xox