28 July 2014

Summer Nail Challenge

Summer Nail Challenge

Hi guys!
The summer has finally arrived, and we want to show off our gorgeous nails! First off we want you all join our nail challenge, we are going to grow our nails out for the Summer, (only being available to file occasionally to keep you nails strong) however along the way who said we can't add a splash of colour! For simple summer nails just have solid colour that  stands out and are BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL! For example, yellows, hot pink, coral, bright blue, pastel purple and green look beautiful this time of year.

You can have all your nails the same colour or mix and match with different colours or maybe you want to add some glitter polish on there! Love your nails! However if you want to go for a more complex design you could use a tooth pick to add little dots or use tape to cover half of your nail (making sure there are no air bubbles) and apply another colour to your nail, wait 5-10 seconds and remove tap. You will end up with a effortless, complex look! To go even more you could think off a summery fruit look up a picture and try as best as you can to recreate it. Comment bellow if you want a tutorial on a nail design. Love you all and please follow us on blogger!


  1. I tagged you guys to do the Liebster Award tag :) x
    Also I looove the daisy nails! x

  2. I love the daises nails. Also the palm nails are amazing for the beach. Although I'm not a big nail artist, I love the ideas!

    Mary x

  3. Would love to see a tutorial!! Looks amazing!
    Would love it if you could check out my blog: