24 December 2017

Where have I been?

So00...Where have I been?

I made this blog in around 2013/2014 (I think) during year 7 when me and my 2 other friends thought having a joint blog would be the coolest idea in the world. It then turned out we couldn't keep up with the mammoth task of organising who could write what post and when (sharing a blog between 3 people is hard work!). Then I started to post solo and had a lot of fun with blogging. Today I have had a very strange and spontaneous urge to write and I thought to myself what better place than my old blog, right? Much to my surprise when I logged back on, my last post was on the 4th April 2016... That's 629 days ago!

One of the main reasons why I have decided to return to the blogging scene is mainly to vent and express all the jumbled up thoughts and feelings that usually get bottled up in my mind. A lot of the time I write random notes on my phone and never have the time to turn those thoughts into proper pieces of writing. Often, I see a random Instagram post of a deep quote and it has me contemplating for hours and this blog will be the perfect opportunity to just login and document those thoughts.  Brace yourselves for a whole lot of reflection and probably a load of rubbish lol.

Reyna xox