13 February 2016

January Favourites ♡

Hello Everyone!

It feels like forever since I've put up my last blog post but I really have missed it. I decided to focus on my studies in January because I had my first set of mock tests which were really an eye-opener as I did nonstop revision for a whole 2 weeks. Hard work really pays off! 

As you can see from the title, I am going to share with you all the things I have been loving through the course of January. 

I recieved a Soap & Glory set for Christmas with all of their best selling products and I was really excited to try them out. One of my favourites was the "Scrub of your life" Body scrub which is a great polishing scrub without irritating your skin too much. Also, it has a really nice refreshing scent to it. It's a great size aswell so it will last you a long time.

Last month before I out on my mascara, I applied the Benefit "They're Real Tinted Primer" and it really helped with  seperation. It is brown in colour and when you use this on its own it  looks very natural. I definitely noticed the differnce when I didn't use this product because my lashes would clump together and not keep their shape.

I also coincidently got a 2 of the same Lush gift sets from my Mum and auntie in December and it came with a 100g bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel which is now my favorite ever Lush scent because it smells like bubblegum and it's a very sweet scent which I am instantly attracted to in any product. Shower time is now become an exciteable time because Snow Fairy is smells incredible. Love, Love, Love!

Finally I got myself hands on some Converse! I have been (and still am) obssessed with these bad boys and it is my mission to keep them as white and pristine for as long as possible. They go so well with most casual outfits which is great because they're really easy to slip on and off. I tend to tuck the laces underneath as they just look cleaner and cooler with the "no-lace look". Hopefully when I go to Florida in the Summer I can buy some high tops because I love the look of them just as much.

Although this mascara is on the pricey side, the product and packaging is absolutely amazing. It is the "YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils" and it is said to give a false lash effect and I think when you curl you lashes and put the benefit tinted primer on underneath, it does give the illusion of fake lashes. The wand is great for seperation, volume and gives a slight curl to my lashes. Incredible mascara!

This month I have been loving Bryson Tiller's music, especially his new album "TrapSoul". My favorite songs on the album is "Don't", "Been that Way" and "Exchange". I would say if you like RnB music, you should definitelly have a listen on Youtube when you have a chance.

Pretty Little Liars returned this Januray! I was over the moon because I had withdrawal symptons from the season finale because it finished on a rather big cliff hanger. Although the new season is 5 years time jump, the show has not got any more boring, it is as exciting as ever! Also, the liars all look stunning in the poster, don't you agree?

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing has been this month and how has your new year's resolutions been going?



  1. Hi! Just to let you know, I've nominated you for the Liebster tag award. Love your blog <3
    Kisses, Rose

  2. Hi Rose, thank you so much ♥
    I will definitely check your blog out

  3. Love this kind of stuff! Keep up the good work<3