19 March 2014

Hottest Hairstyle Trends!

Hottest Hairstyle Trends!
 (perfect for any time of the year)
      Do you want to learn how to do a fishtail braid? Or a hot new way to create natural waves? If the answer is yes this post is perfect for you!
      Last time we were talking about some super cute outfits that were gorgeous for the spring/summer time but this time we are going to talk to you about some fab hairstyles that look so pretty this time of year!

     Summer time is drawing nearer which can only mean one thing, FASHION, right?! Last week we showed you a recommended summer wardrobe but now, we are going to show you some fabulous hairstyles!  Read on to discover our tips and tricks to master these crowd pleasing styles.

  The Fabulous Fishtail braid

Zoella looking as gorgeous as ever, looking gorgeous
 in the fishtail braid

      Fishtail braids are absolutely gorgeous for if you want to jazz up your look or even for a special occasion! They are my favorite braid and they look more unique than an ordinary three strand plait! And on top of that, the style looks nice with almost everything! Unique, gorgeous and it'll wow your friends and family!

      How to do the "Fabulous Fishtail" Braid 

 To start the fishtail braid, divide hair into two sections. Work your way down by taking a thin piece from the outside right section and joining it with the left. Next do the reverse: take a thin piece of hair from the left section and join it with the right. Continue until you have about 1 inch left at the end. Secure with an elastic—preferably one that's the same color as your hair—and freely spray some hairspray at the end to make sure there are no flyaways! Voila! Enjoy your beautiful braid. (Don't worry if you dont get it perfect the first time, practise makes perfect!)

 Tip: For a more "natural" look, pull the braid out gently to make the braid have a looser effect. 

     The Marvellous Messy bun

Ashley Benson with the messy bun

Messy buns are perfect for simply every day! You can make it look casual, or you could jazz it up by adding some cute hair accessories! This is perfect for the summer as it’s a great hairstyle to stick your hair up and it takes less than a minute to do! (unless you are a beginner like us and it may take you several more minutes...) Recommended to do with slightly longer hair as it is easier to pin in place :)
      How to: Marvellous Messy Bun
      Step 1 is to brush your hair so you're hair is 100% knot and tangle free. :) 
 Next tease your hair: Brush the front of your hair down over your face, then back-brush it by placing the brush in the middle of the hair and gently brushing back toward the roots; do this until the desired level of teasing is achieved. Tip your head upside down and gather all your hair and tie flip your head back over. After that smooth your crown so there are no bumps then tie with elastic. Wrap your hair around the elastic to create the bun and to secure the bun, place around 5 bobby pins (or more if you have longer hair) around the bun to secure any strands of hair that may be sticking out. 
Tip: To give the bun its ultimate hold, spray hairspray after styling so its lasts all day!

 The Best Beach waves

Jenifer Aniston with gorgeous, soft beach waves

     As you know heat is probably the worst thing for your hair but to create soft beach waves, it involves heat! That ends now! Recently we have discovered a new and easy way to get naturally soft waves which will look just as good as using a curling wand/iron! (And its not the plait method!)

       How to create beautiful beach waves
      Step one: The first thing you need to do this hairstyle is damp hair and clips/bobby pins (or hair grips if  you prefer.)  Dampen your hair by spritzing a bit of water on it if you haven't had the time to wash your hair. 
Step two: The next thing you are going to need to do is split your hair into two sections. Now what you are going to do is grab one side and twist it tightly from the top all the way down to the bottom. Step three: After you have twisted the section, you are going to clip the ends to the top of your head.Repeat to the other side, get your beauty sleep and enjoy your naturally curly hair! :D

The half up half down 

                                                              Beyonce at her best :D
 One of the easiest hairstyles can even be done in style as we can see in this photo that Queen Bey rocking the half up, half down hairstyle! A super cute hairstyle that you can wear this for parties, weddings, school or work!

     How to achieve Beyonce's graceful half up-do

Gather hair just behind the ear and pull together into a pony at the mid to top of your head. Make your pony stand out by grabbing a small strand of hair (from the half pony) and wrap it round the bobble so it looks like the elastic is made out of your hair. Curl the ends of your hair with a hair tong or a curling wand to achieve thick luscious curls. End this hairstyle with a shine serum to give your hair that extra shine :)
We hope you've got some hair inspiration after reading this post and show us if you have tried out these hairstyles on instagram by using #ourfavhairstyletrends @_blueowl_ and @xjust_being_mexx 

Watch out for more posts soon!
Love you all, R,C+M

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