18 April 2014

Intro to Nail Art

Introduction To Nail Art!

Why hello! Its me again and I am in love with nail art and i would love to share my passion with the world however everything has a start and these are my tips for starting the field of nail art. I will guide you through the trends on nails. This will be an introductory post to nail health and then I will show you some nail techniques and how to wow your friends with your nails!
A few questions to think about are: Have you got healthy nails? Are they the best they can be? Am I taking care of them? Well, if you want to be a nail artist or just learn how to, the answer to all those questions should be a big YES at the end of reading through the next few posts where I will be tell you the tricks and tips to put the art in nail art :D x

Caring for you hands and nails
Firstly you would need to use an every day hand and nail cream. After a week your nails should be moisturized ready for the next steps. Also DO NOT cut your cuticles as it can prevent nail growth and weaken your nails. If you have to get rid of your cuticles just push them back after your nails have been soaked in a bowl of water (so that they are soft). When your nails are at a length you like file them into your desired shape i personally would recommend the squoval and rounded shape as the are the most sufficient and look great.

The squoval is filing horizontally, in one direction, creating a boxed shape then rounding the edges off taking away the sharpness.

The rounded shape is curving slightly whilst filing, again in one direction, this shape is great for people who do not do nail art that often a casual shape :)

After you have sorted out your nail shape cleanse out the dirt under your nails but don't push to hard harming the nail bed which will shorten it.

The "Biting Nails" Habit
If you bite your nails i know it is very hard to stop i to used to have that habit but a few tips which helped me stop biting. Firstly you could search up some pictures showing the horrible things living under your nails.Secondly you could put some top coat or base coat on your nails everyday so if you try biting your nails the horrible taste of the polish will prevent it. As well as using nail polish you could look at some nail art designs and see how beautiful they are and when you realize you cannot do any because of your short nails you may want to stop. ALWAYS keep a nail file near by so if you a a chip or a broken nail you would use your nail file stopping you from biting them.
But really find why you are bite your nails it may be because you are insure about something or you just have been stressing out lately if you find the source which is making you bite your nails you may be able to talk to someone about your troubles,maybe a close friend or family,so you feel more relived ending your nail biting. 
Hope you enjoyed this post!  x

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