15 October 2015

10 best things about Autumn

It's finally October! Halloween and all things fall are coming your way! I have got to admit the cosy feeling on a chilly Autumn evening with the fire on and oversized jumpers are just the best. Here are 10 reasons why Autumn (or fall) is just the best.

1. The autumnal hot drinks 

Hot chocolates, lattes, chai teas and Pumpkin spice lattes!

2. Fuzzy socks, dressing gowns and all that comfy ish 

   Anything fluffy, soft and that makes you feel all snug is a must in these colder months.

3. Autum/Winter fashion

Flannel shirts, coats, boots, jumpers, scarves, tights and hats. Now's the time to whip out our oversized hoddies!

4. Halloween

 Halloween is a great excuse to watch the scariest horrors, get dressed up and eat  excessive amounts of sweets

5. Rainy days 

There is nothing more calming than the soothing sounds of the rain against the window pane. Rainy days are the perfect oppurtunity to binge watch pretty little liars, orange is the new black and have a disney movie sing along.

6. Baking becomes fun again!

Fall baking is just so much more enjoyable when the temperatures drop because we can bake warm goodies like apple pies and cinnamon cookies.

7.  Everything is more Instagram worthy

The colours of crisp leaves, autumn sunsets and the first frost of the season

8. Candles, candles & more candles!

Because you can never have too many candles, right?

9. Darker makeup

Ahhh... berry lips and smokey eyes 

10. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are very versatile, you can carve them, eat them, and stick them in a candle! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Leave a comment if you have :)



  1. Can totally relate to all the points! :)
    Maybe do a fall/ autumn fashion or essentials post? That would be really cool! ;)
    BTW your design of this blog is Ahh-mazing!

  2. @LittleMissMe Thank you for your suggestion! Aww it's all thanks to blogger that my blog is so nice haha xx

  3. Totally agree with all of these! Autumn is definitely all about darker make up, chunky knits and hot chocolates! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Candles, Halloween and taking pictures of everything! Autumn is defiantly my favourite season! ��
    Renae xxx