26 October 2015

What I Got For My Birthday 2015!

Hello Everyone!
Last weekend, it was my 14th birthday and I was spoilt rotten by by amazing friends and family. When it comes to people's birthdays, I am extremely nosy as far as presents are concerned; what people got and what they asked for so I hope you are just as curious!
(I am not trying to boast in any way, shape or form)

I mainly asked for money from my close family as it is the October half term holiday this week so I am planning a pretty huge shopping spree! I am so excited to pick up all the new products from the Halloween & Christmas Lush ranges. Would you guys like to see a Lush haul? However my friends and other family members got me some very sweet presents from Chocolate and Candles to Bath Bombs and Bed Socks!


Oh my goodness how cute are these mugs?! Firstly this coral mug is the perfect size for a hot chocolate or tea and I am in love with everything about it. The quote is probably my favourite aspect of it because I am a huge daydreamer!
The second mug from Tesco is very cute and dainty mug, covered in a delicate floral pattern and it is slightly smaller than the coral mug.


One of my closest friends bought be this "Seventeen Lip Crayon Collection" with 4 stunning and high pigmented colours. 2 are glosses and 2 are matte which are very useful set for everybdy's individual preference. I am sure that the Nude Glossstick will be gone very quickly!

How stunning is this eyeshadow palette from Maybelline? My heart starting pounding when I unwrapped this because I really wanted a nude eyeshadow palette with colours for everyday use. I highly reccomend this palette because it is only £10.99 and the colours are so pigmented for a drugstore product! 


A stunning flirty scent for special occassions with understones of salty vanilla and fresh floral scents, this perfume is a rare perfume which I love. I have smelt it before I recieved it as a present which I was impressed how my Mum remembered! Also the bottle is super cute and overall it's a lovely product.


"Wonder Hand",
"Fresh Fizz" 
"Lace collar coin purse"

I can't tell you how excited to see an array of Zoella products sitting in the gift bag when my Best friend handed me this! The colours and design of the packaging is absolutely beautiful. The lid of "Wonder Hand" is Rose Gold... Ahhh! Just a wonderful range of products and the scent of the Fizz bar has undertones of blueberry and acai as it it part of the "Tutti Fruity" collection. However, the hand cream is the original fresh scent.

Strawberry is a lovely smell for all times of the year and in this trio comes with a minature shower scrunchie, body wash and body butter. Lovely!

My very generous friend got me a "Think Pink" lush bath bomb (Smells Amazeballs), a box of bath fizzers and a mini candle scented with Peppermint and Eucalyptus. A very fresh and invigorating scent for such a tiny candle! My future baths are going to smell freaking fantastic!

Some very adorable pieces of New look jewlery and a Vanilla mini bag with a Body Spritz and a Body lotion which slightly too sweet in my opinion because the vanilla is the only aspect in the scent. It comes in a lovely jade green bag perfect for a essential makeup bag :)


As soon I took this picture, being the chocoholic I am, scoffed down every last piece of chocolate. If you ever see the Lindt Cookies & Cream chocolate anywhere, PICK UP ONE! I think have now discovered my holy grail chocolate because it tastes lush! You may think I'm crazy but I cannot rave enough about this chocolate enough its amazing. 

The notebook is also super cute and I will definately be using this for school and note taking  in class.

Last, but not least, are these fluffy bed socks from Next. I'm sure on those chilly Winter nights these ultra cosy socks will come in handy!
Thank you everyone for my amazing presents. I really want to know "What has your favoruite birthday present been ever?" I really appreciate all your comments and I will return the favour!



  1. I would love to see a Lush haul and how to use the products! :)

  2. Oh looks like you had a lovely birthday and have been treated to some lovely things! Lindt is my favourite chocolate :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Thanks!... I know it's so addictive *love heart eyes emoji* x

  3. those lip crayons look so great! and happy birthday!!

    and love the blog btw! if you get the chance i would really love it if you could take the time to check out mine and let me know what you think! (or maybe even follow? no pressure though!)

    have a great week, girl!

    love, rach.

    So, hi.

  4. Thank you Rach for your lovely comment!
    Your blog is great I will definitely folloew and when you have time to, follow back thanks!

  5. Oooh I love those rings from New Look. They're very pretty. Also I have to finally order a few of products from Zoella Beauty.
    By the way late Happy Birthday haha!

    Marianna x

    1. Yes you should! I highly reccomend the bubble bars because they are great for a relaxing bath.
      Thank You aha
      Reyna xox

  6. I love the mugs, they look gorgeous! Happy belated birthday xx