9 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist

Hey everyone! I hope you're feeling super festive this time of year! I can't believe that its already 16 days until Christmas and this year my goal is to be more festive. 

I love buying gifts for friends & family because I love the surprise and satisfaction element when they finally open their gifts on Christmas day. But one thing I love more is recieving gifts (and I'm sure you do too!) so I have made myself I list of what I would like to get this Christmas.

1. Bascially anything from the Christmas Lush section!

Lush have some amazing festive products around christmas from snow fairy to father christmas, they cater for all different preferences when it comes to their range of scents. My personal favourite is candy mountain.

2. Converse Hi Tops

They look super cute and I've always wanted a pair of converse so I thought that this would be the perfect time to ask for them :)

3. Ari Perfume

If you didn't know, I absolutely adore Ariana Grande's voice and some of her music I love so I was really excited when she said she was realsing a perfume. Although I'm not just asking for it because she's a celebrity, I have gone instore to smell it and I did really love the scent.

5. Tresseme/ RemingtonCurling Wand

I do love curling my hair but I think if you have really good quality one, the curls will form nicer in your hair. My hair looks cute wavy so of course this is a another justifiable reason why I just need one!

4. A snuggly dressing gown

In the colder months, a soft and cosy dressing gown is definitely an essential. Next is a great shop for dressing gowns/robes because their quality is really good and they do a wide variety. 

What presents do you want Santa to bring you this year? Please leave me a comment :)



  1. I see we have one present in common. I feel the same way about my hair being wavy. And I would definitely stop wearing it straight after getting a curling wand for Christmas hahah

    Marianna x

  2. You can't beat Lush, Candy Mountain is one of my favourites, too! The dressing gown looks so cosy, perfect for winter :) xx