14 December 2015

Winter Wonderland

Very recently, I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and I had a lovely day. After an hour and a half train and 5 minute tube, we arrived at Oxford Street which was decorated with the most beautiful lights which looked absolutely stunning, especially at night! We hit the shops down Oxford Street the usual favs, Lush (which was 3 floors!), H&M, New Look, Boots and we went into "Kingdom of Sweets" which had an incredible variety of sweets, a lot of it American candy. 

After browsing the shops for several hours, We walked down to Winter Wonderland which was literally a quick 2 minute stroll. The first glimpse I had of the magical sights was just amazing! Winter wonderland is truly the most festive place in England in my opinion haha. Even better, there is no fee to enter you can simply go there and enjoy the festive cheer. They have ice skating, stalls, rides and a it's just such a photogenic place. Perfect for Christmas and photography lovers so clearly, I was in my element! A lovely family-friendly place to visit this time of year and I thoroughly enjoyed my vist, I would definately go again near the festive period!Have you been to Winter Wonderland? I'd love to hear what you thought.



  1. Awww, I love places like this. I have been recently to Christmas markets in Berlin, and it was so christmassy there, that I didn't want to leave haha. I wish I could go to the Kingdom of Sweets :)

    Marianna x

    1. Yes I have seen your blogpost about Berlin, it looked wonderful and festive :)
      Reyna xox

  2. Oh my that looks festive! I'm so jealous, I wish I could be in London right now seeing all those amazing decorations and feeling this christmasy atmoshpere :).